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BizNet Content™ Packs extend the value of your current business systems investment.  They provide pre-built best practice reporting and analysis with out-of-the-box database connectivity for real time access to business data.  BizNet Content™ jump starts your ability to provide complete up to date insight into business performance. It saves you time, money, and starts delivering results immediately.

Save Time

BizNet Content packs deliver Excel functions, reports, and business intelligence out of the box. They provide you the building blocks you need to kick start your organization’s use of valuable business information.
  • Eliminate the time needed to build content from scratch
  • Create ad-hoc reports by utilizing out of the box drag-and-drop functions/reports
  • Leverage existing Excel spreadsheets

Save Money

Reduce the need for expensive, specialized resources.

  • BizNet Content packs are a cost-effective way to provide business information across the entire organization
  • Eliminate the cost and effort of connecting your business data
  • Utilize end users current Excel skills/knowledge

Deliver Results

BizNet Content packs provide immediate reporting from your mission critical business systems.

  • Provide up-to-the-minute insights into key business data
  • Accelerate the delivery of information to key decision makers
  • Enable self-service reporting/analysis for business users



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